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Data Destruction

Veri İmha

We are providing Data Destruction Services for devices and medias below:

  • Hard Disc Servers
  • Backup Cassettes
  • CDs / DVDs
  • USB Flash Servers

In order for your medias to be used again we also provide secure Data Deleting service with our specially created devices and softwares.

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Secure Media Deleting:

With a special encyription method, your media is deleted by writing 0 in each sector in it and this is repeated 7 times for each sector. With this method, datas cannot be recovered with data recovery softwares.

Physical Media Destruction:

With this method, your medias are made non reusable with special devices. After this method, the media will be non reusable.

Step 1.

Let us know about the number and information of the data you want to destruct via the contact form. (Ex: the destruction of 200 computer backup cassettes etc..)

Step 2.

We contact you after we receive your form. The transfer method of medias are determined and the bid is offered.

Step 3.

Your datas are securely deleted or destructed. After the operation, a detailed report is presented.

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