Tekniknokta’s principle is to keep your datas safe, private and hidden.


The hard disc, RAID series, flash server, memory card or all datas on the cell phone in our laboratory which belongs to you are kept private and secret. It is not allowed that people other than you use or view your datas.

In laboratories a part of your datas are controlled only to test whether it works or not. All the copies taken are deleted, if you don’t wish otherwise, from our servers in 7 days.

Tekniknokta gives data recovery service to Banks, Government Offices, Health Foundations, Universities, Law Offices and all the datas belong to these institutions are kept and protect under our assurance and secrecy during the service.

Many customers doesn’t want their private datas such as music, film, personal photos and videos, financial records and research documents to be used or viewed by another person. In this case, the exact mission of Tekniknokta is to provide the delivery of your datas to you after the recovery. Respecting and protecting your privacy is our primarily mission.

Mostly, we sign a Confidentially Agreement contract with our customers who value secrecy. Thus, we define our working methods officially in law.