I can’t access important files of mine, what is the first thing I must do?

Don’t use your device. Turn off your device, pull the power plug and don’t use your device until we look through it. Especially in harddiscs, computer service experts and IT experts may cause a bigger problem for this service requires a special expertise and so, you may have irreversible problems.

What are the data recovery costs?

The price rates that emerged from the recovery operations carried out in the past years.
70% between 200$ – 400$
20% between 600$ – 800$
10% more than 800$
For all our data recovery programs, our minimum price is 200 $. After the analysis, the exact price for the recovery service is reported to you and after your approval, the recovery operation is carried out and your datas are delivered.

How long does your data recovery process take?

Our pre-examination service takes maximum 2 days. If our work is completed earlier, we immediately let our clients know about the results.
Generally, data recovery practices takes from 1 day to 3-4 weeks. Mostly, we finish our work in 2-3 days after the pre-examination.
If you demand privileged service we will propose an offer according to this and our experts will deal with your problems immediately.

How is the process, how am I going to deliver my disc to you?

When the data recovery practise is over,if your datas are bigger than the size of a DVD, we demand another disc from you for the transfer of the datas, or, if you wish, we provide a disc for you.

What if I don’t approve the price you determine after the analysis?

After our analysis,if you don’t approve the price we determine for the data recover, your device will be returned to you and we won’t demand money from you. If you wish, our customer representatives can provide conveniences such as accepting payment with credit cards.

Are all of my datas going to be recovered?

The prior purpose of the data recovery practices is to access all of the datas in the device. However, no data recovery firm can quarantee a 100% data recovery.
In some cases, (such as firmware faults, control card faults etc.) when the problem is solved, all of the datas can be reached.
However, in some other cases, (bad sector faults, reading faults, deleted and rewritten files) there is possiblity that some of the datas cannot be reached. Therefore, TeknikNokta, provides you with the control over your datas in the cases that there cannot be 100% recovery.(via remote connection or screenshot in our office), if the recovered data is not important for you, we don’t demand money from you.

What is your secrecy policy?

It is a principle for TeknikNokta to keep your datas safe, private and hidden. The hard disc, RAID series, flash server, memory card or all datas on the cell phone in our laboratory which belongs to you are kept private and secret. It is not allowed that people other than you use or view your datas.

Mostly, we sign a Confidentially Agreement contract with our customers who value secrecy. Thus, we define our working methods officially in law.