Tekniknokta provides copying services for purposes such as Hard Disc Maltiplication, bad sector problems, high capacity and new technology disc usage etc.

Disc Copying operation can be applied by writing the datas in Hard Disc to the other disc as readed sector by sector.


Ex: a 80 GB disc is copied to a disc with the same brand and model

Your disc can be copied to a new hard dics by creating a raw image file of it.

Ex: Your 80 GB disc is copied to our servers as an image file, like D:\Backup\disk1.img, then this image file is copied your disc sector by sector.

Your disc is copied to a bigger sized disc.

Ex: Your 40 GB disc is copied to a 500 GB disc. In this way, you can use a new disc without having problem with size and without setting up an operation system and your softwares again.


Forensic Copying.

In this way, by decrypting the hardware codes sectoral copying is made to a new disc.