Hard disc is the permanent storage unit in computer. For most users, hard disc is the most important but the less known part of the computer and also one of the most sensitive structures in the computer. When users doesn’t have enough knowledge or because of the technical reasons hard disc problems can be encountered and this can result in important data losses for you. However, with various hard disc data recovery methods, your problem can be solved.


With professional devices and softwares accepted all over the world, we provide Data Recovery Services in Turkey.


The Hard Disc Problems and Faults We Generally Provide Solutions:

  • Reader Head Faults
  • Engine Jam faults
  • Electronic Control Card Faults
  • Bad Sector Faults
  • Firmware Corruption Faults (Ex: The problems seen with many Seagate 7200.11 discs.)
  • Hard Disc Recognition Problem
  • Formatted/Deleted Hard Discs


Why does hard disc break down? As a result of the virus infection in your computer, sudden voltage changes and mostly physical impact, your hard disc can break down. Spreading through your computer as time passes, the damaged parts named “bad sector” can make your hard disc nonfunctional. One of the most commonly faced cases is that, while the computer is turned on, the user makes movements that will cause damages in hard disc. As a result of this, your hard disc can be permanently damaged. Besides, as a result of the sudden electricity changes, hard disc can burn. In such a case, if you haven’t backed up your datas before, you can experience extensive losses.

How is the hard disc recovery process carried out? Initially, It is controlled whether the hard disc can work or not. If it can, data recovery can be done. However, if the hard disc is damaged as a result of any impact or sudden voltage change, it needs to be made to work. In order for that, data recovery can be done by changing the damaged part. With the appropriate programs, the recovery of the datas important for you is possible.

What are the users supposed to do in such cases? In order not to be faced with such problems, in the beginning, by providing knowlegde, it is a must to be a careful computer user. Besides, you need to back up your datas to another device. This can be made with RAID systems. If your hard disc has broken down, you can arrive at a sound conclusion with expert people.

When there is a problem occured with your hard disc in which there are important datas of yours, this can become a bottersome state. In such cases, Tekniknokta, with professional laboratory facilities, serves for the recovery of your important datas.

You shouldn’t try to use or test different things on the damaged disc. Many IT experts, computer services and unexperienced Data Recovery services make the situation permanently insoluble by making improper things on hard disc. If your datas are important for you please deliver your device to experts. You can call our Tekniknokta call center, get asistence from our expert engineer and if you wish, you can benefit from our free counseling and free analysis services. We are examining your device with our maximum 2 days analysis service and giving free information to you.

If you are having a problem accessing to your datas in your hard disc and server, Tekniknokta can help you access your datas in many problem types.


Tekniknokta Data Recovery Laboratories

Tekniknokta laboratories are our working environment which we create with anti-static materials in iso 100 standard. In our laboratories, Technical expert team are able to manage the works requiring expertise and experience such as reader head changes, engine problems and record changes.

Tekniknokta with the hard disc recovery laboratory

Also, in our laboratory, we are providing  card repair and damaged control card solutions with the help of our expert electronics engineer.

In our laboratory, we are able to make complete recovery works with our hardware image pick up devices and firmware based recovery technology.

The purpose of the high cost investments made in Tekniktokta laboratories is to make the data recovery service you will receive fast, dependable and professional.

We are safely recovering the datas in your discs. Data recovery process requires professional experiment.