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Our Price Policy – Data Recovery Prices

Our Data Recovery Price Policy

It is very hard to determine a price before the analysis about data recovery. The type of the problem, the material used during the recovery, the software and hardwares necessary for the recovery and the difficulty level of the recovery are the most important factors that determines the price.

The data recovery price we determine after the analysis doesn’t depend on the dimension and the value of the content. Three important parameters are taken into account about the determination of data recovery.

Data Recovery Prices

1-The materials that will be used in a laboratory and other expenses; The procurement of mechanical detail parts appropriate for the device and the expenses of low level firmware that will be used.

2-Duration of the recovery process and the human resources used.

3-The kind and difficulty level of the problem; whether the problem is logical or about hardware, the hardware that will be used for the solution of the problem

Our Data Recovery Analysis and Counseling Services are free.

In cases where the data recovery can not be done you will not pay any Money.

For all our data recovery programs, our minimum price is 200 $. After the analysis, the exact price for the recovery service is reported to you and after your approval, the recovery operation is carried out and your datas are delivered.

The price rates that emerged from the recovery operations carried out in the past years.

70% between 200$ – 400$
20% between 600$ – 800$
10% more than 800$

In some cases, such as severely damaged discs (Burnt, Flood etc..), improper interferences, RAID structures and database problems, the price may be higher.