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Your servers have been hacked, your files have been encrypted on your PC, or they are infiltrating your systems and demanding ransom from you.

Be calm, the first thing you should do is to consult a specialist and get professional help without any intervention. You can get our professional services to prevent your data loss and make your systems work again.

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    Do not format the computer you want to recover, turn off internet connections, do not use the relevant computer if possible (keep it closed) and avoid wrong interventions.

    Before the transaction, we request 3-4 sample files of different file types (encrypted with the extension .encrypted, .ccc, .coot, etc.) that have been corrupted/encrypted by virus from our customer. We provide the recovery of all your files with the key we have reached after our work.


    Some types of Ransomware that we can provide solutions for.


    • Cryptolocker (.enc, .encrypted vb.)

    • derp

    • coot

    • sıfrelendı

    • STOP(Djvu)

    • SyncCrypt

    • TrueCrypter

    • ZipLocker

    • DeadBolt


    Ransomware ?

    Malware that encrypts files on computers or encrypts the computer itself and asks for money to remove the password is called Ransomware. This type of software is getting more and more common day by day. So much so that ransomware is one of the biggest information security threats since 2016.


    How does Ransomware (Ransomware) enter a computer?

    In encryption attacks, a small software usually infects your computer as a result of immoral phishing methods, as a mail attachment or as a result of visiting a website containing malicious program, and encrypts all your files and computers and folders on the network with a 256-bit difficulty key. and demands a ransom for the solution.

    Today, it does this in different ways. First, it creates a backdoor for itself. For this, it makes use of cracked software on your system or vulnerabilities in your system. It enters your system through the backdoor it creates and disables the anti-virus, then installs the ransomware on the system and encrypts the files and leaves you a note.