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SSD Data Recovery

SSD (Solid State Devices) Disc Data Recovery

                  SSD Veri Kurtarma Hizmetleri sunuyoruz

Tekniknokta has concluded data recovery from many SSD disc in different brands, models and sizes with 90% success rate.

Actually, a SSD disc is like the USB Flash discs widely used today, the only difference is that it has more memory chips and it allows the usage of these memory chips together with its complex software. The absence of mechanic parts in SSD discs reduces the possibility of problems. Thus, the problems in hard discs such as Reader Head faults and engine faults are not seen in SSD discs.

Commonly Seen Problems with SSD Discs:

  • Physical Faults: Natural disasters, electrical surges or the corruption of the components on the control card etc..
  • Logical Problems: Inaccessible file and folder structure
  • Deleted Data: accidentally or deliberately deleted datas

The SSD Brands that we successfully carry out SSD data recovery:

  • Samsung
  • Toshiba
  • Hynix
  • Sandisk
  • Intel
  • Micron
  • VData

Tekniknokta takes the images on all the chips with its special memory chip reader devices created for this kind of discs and recreate the logical structure with specially created softwares.

ssd veri kurtarma