We are recovering your broken or damaged USB flash discs.

Because of the reason USB Flash Server are cheap and portable storage tools, they are used by students, individuals and business men in their daily lives. Although they are great inventions, because of the lack of their design and low quality material used, they have a high fault ratio.

We are one of the companies which have the best performans in terms of data recovery from  USB flash discs that are broken or damaged because of an hardware problem. We carry out data recovery in many USB Flash Disc brands and models with a high rate of success.



We can also recover deleted files in flash discs and not broken but seen as inaccessible or inaccessible because of the system problems.


Software Problems

Hardware Problems

USB disc is defined but you cannot see your files. Not being defined by the computer
Faulty file system No power light (if there is power light)
No power light (If there is power light) Power light is seen but the disc is not seen by the computer
Formatting by mistake Flash disc is seen but the size is wrong (such as 0 mb or 2 Tb
Servers inaccessible but seen by the computer Power Surge in your USB port
Virus Problems The unknown hardware warning
Server is seen but it seems empty Broken USB edge


Important: If there is problem with your USB disc, stop using it. Contacting us before using your USB disc again will improve your chance of recovery.

If there is a software or hardware problem in your USB disc, we determine it in 24 hours with Free Assessment. If we cannot recover a data, we don’t demand money from you. If we are able to access only some of your datas, we provide you with the control of these datas. If you are happy with the results, you make a payment.

A USB disc with a hardware fault requires long hours of hard work. We offer this service only if very important data is at stake. In this operation, the case of the USB disc is removed then the memory chips are seperated from the electronic card and the raw data is copied to another file.

After the raw data in the memory chips are copied, the datas on it are copied to another model USB disc. This operation will give the warranty conditions on the device an end. This operation is not only available for one model. Any brand, model or disc size is taken into consideration. In some cases after repairing the electronic circuit we are able to recover your datas earlier than the estimated durations given below.